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Radek K. Wylon

Books & Projects

1) "The Fifth Dimension of Fear" - an adventure thriller

A group of friends lose their way on a single-track road to find themselves lost almost 5 thousand miles away from where they had spent the previous night. Facing many unexplained phenomena, like unknown lights floating in the fog, the friends struggle to explain this mystery while searching for a way back home.

2) "The Sixth Dimension of Fear" - a thriller

A sequel to "The Fifth Dimension of Fear"
coming soon...

3) "Insomnia" - a psychological thriller

A 42 year-old man wakes up in a place he cannot recognize. Moreover he can't recognize his own face and realize he has no memories. Nobody knows him and no one knows where he has come from. He tries to get back his personality, seeking for clues in his dreams. What he discovers turns his simple life upside down.

4) "Sounds" - a horror story

From the moment a young family moves into a small town in some northern State animals around them start to display untypical behavior. It seems like the animals are communicating with each other with a hidden plan in mind. Before the vets and scientists realize what is happening, an organized assault on the human race has begun.

5) "Code of Silence" - a science-fiction thriller

An unknown organization hacks into a global information system causing chaos around the world. Bank transfers, stock exchanges and the Internet are out of control. Auroras appear in places they shouldn't been seen. At the most unexpected moment, people receive a message from space. It reads: "You do not come from Earth". Soon we learn that all we thought we know about alien civilizations is fake. Will we survive the confrontation?

6) "?" - a science-fiction horror story

A hotel monitoring system catches a woman coming out of a lift though she was never seen entering it. Later it appears the same incident was registered multiple times at the same moment all around the globe. Soon, people learn this is just the beginning of something much stranger and much more dangerous.

7) "antiKoheronella" - a comedy novel (as Keith Truman)

There are no rules in the book therefore there are only two options... Option no. 1: You will hate the book. Option no.2: You will love the book. Any other option is simply impossible. Whichever option you adopt, your eyes will not remain dry for long; that's for sure. We also meet the creation of Keith Truman who is an imaginary author, a character and a narrator at the same time.

8) "God's Hell" - a drama (as Keith Truman)

There is a strict advice for ardent believers: do not read this book under any circumstances. The first quote reads: "We all hate the truth". This drama about a small girl called Little Bee twists and turns in the most extraordinary fashion as the most perturbing lawsuit in the history of the Universe plays out. The book attempts to uncover the anatomy of evil. Can a 4-year-old girl change our world?

9) "Grudge - the Algorithm" - a science-fiction thriller

A tourist finds an unknown artifact during a trip to the Sahara in Egypt and secretly hides it in his bag. He takes it home unaware the item was invisible during the airport check. It's a round, metal-like object built of many rotating parts. He plays with it unaware he's causing and controlling different phenomena around the globe. Things go crazy when he finally discovers the truth and learns about the algorithm.

10) "Soldiers of Death" - a horror story

After a successful mission in Afghanistan, a group of 12 American soldiers stop in Thailand on their way back home to have some rest. On the last night of their vacation, a band of paid assassins murder them all while they sleep. When US forces reach the place all the bodies are gone for good. They had been secretly buried in the jungle by some locals. The ghosts of the soldiers go back to America to find their true murderers and take their revenge.

11) "The Red Lion Forces" - an action-adventure novel

Using the author's typical sense of humor the blurb goes like this: "nothing special, just another Rambo story". Actually, this is the author's very first book, written when the author was just 10 years old (5 notebooks full of text). The main character, John David Thompson, a martial arts champion, forms a secret irregular force to fight organized crime across the US, but soon their activities stretch to other continents.

12) "The Legend" - a drama (by R.K. Wylon & co-writer)

A biography of a famous person (the details are secret at the moment. The title of the book is still to be confirmed).
More details to come...

13) "Slavery-Mastery Mind" - a philosophical book

Who is ruling your life?
Outline to come...

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