Radek K. Wylon
Inspiring author of "The Bewilderment"
An adventure thriller
Imagine a 200 mile long road going through forested mountain valleys with no single junction around. Can you lose the way on a single-track? Oh, yes you can! The author will make you believe the unbelievable. [...]
Including one of the scariest, unexplained real life story.
Featuring a special guest, the real world's famous person.
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A science-fiction thriller
A future we can hardly imagine may become present sooner than we've ever expected. When a message from space reaches Earth the life changes once and for all. The following shocking events stop the whole planet in more than one way. What do we really know about our origin? Was Darwin mistaken or he didn't tell us the whole truth?
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A drama
The worst book ever written. "We all hate the truth".
A greatly controversial novel. This is a book about pain, struggling, injustice [...] The author tries to face the anatomy of evil. This book is an experiment in any possible meaning, where the characters become narrators and the narrators become the characters.
Can a 4-year-old girl change our world?
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An adventure thriller
A sequel of "The Bewilderment". The novel reveals the details of the previousbook's mystery and uncovers the future fate of the characters. Have the troubles ended up for good, or perhaps it's just a new beginning... the second deal? You think nothing can surprise you after "The Bewilderment"? You're mistaken! ...and one more thing - don't forget to watch your back.
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"Creativity is a key. There are no problems but solutions. If a majority chooses a way, remember they may be wrong. Lateral thinking will guide you where no one's been before." R. K. Wylon

Radek is a creative writer,
IT developer and University lecturer; working with passion and involvement whatever he does.

He graduated the Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland. He also graduated one year of Law Degree at the same University, and achieved the diploma in pedagogy at the University of his beautiful hometown of Bielsko-Biała.

Radek was involved in writing since he was a kid, describing his trip adventures or creating kid's newspaper called "Bull Monthly" of MTV shows, music, sport, motorization and Polish politicians (1987 - '91). Between 1991 and 1996 he won (5 times) awards in National Literary Contest in both prose and poetry. In 2016 he made his come back with the sensational adventure-thriller "The Bewilderment".

His creativity is boosted by vast interests in: technology, literature, music, travelling & cultures, psychology, photography, astronomy & astrophysics, motorsport & tuning, natural science & environment, philosophy, ancient history & civilizations, video games, sports (boxing & martial arts, skiing, basketball, fitness, swimming and more).

"I want to inspire people with my books. I want you to say 'Wow! What a story!' Writing brings me a lot of fun - I want to share this fun with you. All my readers are my friends."
Your friend, Radek

You may contact the author at: wylon.writer@gmail.com

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